PHOTOS: Couple Weighing 400kg To Undergo Surgery So They Can Have s*x


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Meet China’s fattest couple who have never had s*x — for obvious reasons — and dream of a baby.

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Lin Yue and his wife Deng Yang, whose combined weight is around 400kg, have decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery so they can become parents.

The duo, both in their 30s, have been married since 2010 but haven’t been able to have s*x and conceive a baby because of their staggering weight.

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The couple were regularly fat-shamed and bought most of their food and clothing online

On their way to parenthood  the pair travelled from Sichuan, south-west China, to Jilin, north east China, to undergo combined treatment for rapid weight loss before the surgery.


Lin and Deng have measured, weighed and  immediately put on a strict fitness and diet regime.


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According to the couple, their weight has caused them a lot of problems in public forcing them to stay home as long as possible and order food and clothes online.

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At present, their combined weight of 400kg is around three times that of the average couple in China

Yue and Yang’s decision to fight obesity was inspired by China’s heaviest person, a 244-kilo woman nicknamed Qian Qian.

Earlier this month she announced her plans to have gastric bypass surgery to become healthy and find love.

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