[Photos] How To Apply Black Lipstick The Right Way


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Black Lips has been very popular recently, wearing black lipsticks makes you stand out from the average colors, so here’s how to apply black lipstick the right way so you can stand out perfectly from the crowd. 

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– Exfoliate your lips by brushing them with a soft toothbrush, or use a lip scrub.

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– Moisturize with a rich lip balm or coconut oil, lip mask works too.

– If you don’t have black lip liner, you can use a black eye pencil instead.

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– Apply the black lipstick with a lip brush, if you don’t have one you can use any small brush.

– After you’re finished, smile in the mirror, fill in any creases that didn’t get coated.

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– Keep a cotton swab handy in case you accidentally go outside the lines

– You can apply the second layer using your lipstick directly on your lips.

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– Apply a coat of lip gloss, the extra shine will keep your lipstick from fading

– Faded black lipstick tends to look gray and drab, so you’ll probably need to do a touch-up at least once before the evening is over, in other words, bring your lipstick along with you if your going out.

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