[PHOTOS] The main trends for this year! Cool beach wears for men!


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Beachwear for guys should not just be fashionable and stylish, but first and foremost comfortable. Of course, the choice of beachwear for men is not as diverse as women’s. That’s why we wrote this article for you, to help you choose the best beachwear for guys. Be trendy!

Cool beachwear

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Despite the fact that fashion for men’s clothing has always given way to conservatism, designers have been acting against this trend, releasing new collections, surprising men with unexpected colors and styles.

Choosing beachwear for men

Choosing beachwear for men

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Beach shoes

Shoes for the beach should be comfortable and be made with materials that dry quickly. The best option is flip-flops, which look inappropriate for most outings but are perfect for the beach.

Beach shoes

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For beaches with rocky areas, corals or w. skates and sea urchins live, it is advisable to wear closed rubber shoes with fasteners, designed for swimming, which will not subside in water.

closed rubber shoes

Since you are not limited to staying on the seashore, take one more pair of shoes with you. These can be espadrilles, slip-ons, topsiders or moccasins that fit summer trousers and shorts.

This is a good choice for an evening walk along the waterfront or yacht. These shoes are usually with a non-slip sole.


The headgear is selected depending on the rest of the clothes and the design features of the swimming trunks to protect the head from sunlight on the beach. T. are three types of accessories:

  • baseball cap;
  • thatch hat;
  • panama.
Hats оf the beach

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Choose hats of light tones and from natural, breathable materials. It is important!


Bags for bach

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If you are with your girlfriend, your phone, book, purse, glasses can be placed in her beach bag. In that case, you will not be puzzled by the choice and purchase of a men’s beach bag.

If you decide to purchase a bag, we recommend that you pay attention to the following types:

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  • Tote bag. It is big, with long handles and often with one compartment. The assortment of colors and prints is the most diverse. This is the best option for the beach.
  • Backpack. It is not necessary to take a marching option. It will be enough to have a medium-sized backpack, which will accommodate all the necessary beach items.
  • Travel bag. It can be complemented with a shoulder strap, which makes it easier to carry.

Men’s swimwear

Men's swimwear in Nigeria

Photo: art-a-designer.ru

The basic element of the beach wardrobe of any man is, of course, a swimming trunk. Since it is quite an intimate part of the wardrobe, it is better to choose the swimming trunks that are made of quality materials. So you will protect yourself from possible allergic .s.

Not everyone likes classic swimming trunks, some men prefer beach shorts for swimming. Such mens swim shorts are sewn from a special fabric for swimsuits, which keeps the shape well and does not deform when socked.

But beach shorts, on the contrary, should be a bit loose, so as not to impede movements. To check the quality of shorts or swimming trunks, pay attention to the lines, if everything is smooth and accurate, and the fabric is dense and elastic, then clothes will last a while.

beach shorts in Nigeria

Photo: Amazon.com

Design and colors are the most diverse – from classical to exclusive.

The style also varies – from ultrashort to long swim shorts. Experts in fashion consider both the first and the second variant.

Short swim shorts are acceptable if used for their intended purpose. They are supplemented with pockets, ., clasps. However, they shouldn’t be worn to a cafe or something like that.

Classic men’s swim trunks are convenient for swimming, as they do not fetter movements and do not look fanciful.

The well-known author Glenn O’Brien in his book “Being a Gentleman” once spoke about the beach fashion: “I think that the men’s bathing suit should not be defiant, not dependent on fashion trends and even modest. It should not have Hawaiian motifs, humor and show off. The main rule is restraint and decency”.

It is worth noting that this is only the opinion of the author. T.fore, on discreet swimming trunks, the choice does not end, and it is perfectly permissible to purchase classic cuts and bright colors.

mens swim trunks

Photo: tshirt.kamos.info

T. are still important details when choosing a bathing suit:

– Quick-drying material – polyester or nylon. It is admissible to have cotton in proportion not more than 25%

  • Inner mesh, so that the material is not stick to the body.
  • In swimming shorts you should have pockets with fasteners.
  • Comfortable elastic, lace, velcro, . to hold the bathing suit firmly on the waist.

Despite the fact that beachwear does not require strict rules when combined, t. are nuances that should be considered.

Helpful Tips

A lot depends on the features of the figure. For tall men, swim shorts should be slightly above the knees, and those with medium height should have a shorter version. ‘Big’ men are fitted with vertical strips, which slim the figure.

Here are all the main features of the men’s beach wardrobe you need to know to look stylish and fashionable on vacation.


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