[PHOTOS] These are the ankara designs that will make your baby shine


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Thinking of a baby ankara dress? Here we have several nice ideas for you. Styles for babies are as diverse as the ones for adult women so you are welcome to unleash your imagination and maybe create something unique for your own baby.

baby ankara style

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What is ankara baby fashion?

Styles and designs for little fashionistas don’t differ much from those created for adult women. In most cases, it’s something comfortable for quick and .ful children but also lovely looking and fancy for special occasions. A good ankara dress can be beautiful enough for events like birthdays, wedding, etc.

Checkout several popular babies fashions:

bright skirt

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  • A tight top with a bright skirt

A top of a solid color looks especially lovely when it’s attached to a bright colorful bottom. A lovely floor-length dress of this type will be a wonderful choice for a girl who’s attending some special event that demands a kind of formal clothes.

shoulder strap skirt

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  • A skirt with shoulder straps

Not quite a dress, this skirt can serve as one when it’s necessary to create a bright look. It’s possible to replace the shirt with any top that you like and create a new look every day.

bright maxi dress

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This is a dress you can sew in an hour if you have a piece of ankara of a necessary size. The lovely silhouette with a wide frill will create the sense of lightness and comfort.

mother and daughter

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It’s a lovely idea when a baby’s dress matches the baby’s mom’s. It’s not necessary to reproduce the style. It’s enough to use the same fabric with the same pattern and create something that’s suitable and comfortable for the baby.

baby in blue dress

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This simple dress is a great choice for any occasion and any situation. It’s simple enough for a usual stroll and elegant enough for a formal occasion. Several matching accessories can do wonders and add charm to this lovely style and the simple cut.

african children

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This dress accompanied by a head tie and lovely beads look cutely adult on this tiny girl. The main idea of such a dress is to create the appearance of a grown woman and make the child look as impressive and full of dignity as a grown beauty.

baby girl

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A dress with .ed shoulder straps is exactly what your baby girl may need. The flexible length of the straps offers a lot of comfort and additional space for growing. Children grow so quickly that you may need to shift the . to another place once in several weeks. However, such a dress will serve a little longer than others.

baby in red

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An Ankara top looks great with a tutu skirt of a bright color. This is definitely what a child may want or need in certain situations. It’s comfortable enough in wearing, and looks extremely lovely. You should feel free to experiment with colors and, maybe, create several items in the same style but of different colors.

baby in ankara dress

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Combine several types of ankara and decorate them brightly with interesting things: bright ., applique details and so on. Your baby will be happy to wear something of this type, which is unique, bright, and just as creative as if she was in charge for the decoration works.

baby ankara

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Doesn’t this baby ankara dress look adorable? It’s simple as that, with only a frill around the neck but it looks really authentic and cute. With a decorative string of beads this dress looks elegant. If you want to add some brightness, add several head accessories or do your baby’s hair in an unusual way.

bright ankara

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This is another off-shoulder option that will win your heart. Even though off-shoulder cuts are not among the regular ankara baby dress styles, they are extremely exquisite when it comes to dressing the baby down. If you want something really special for your baby, choose an off-shoulder dress.

twin ankara

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Just take a look at these gorgeous little sisters. They look so pretty in these simple but so lovely dresses and head ties!

ankara combination

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If you want something special for your baby, take a look at this combination. This is one of the latest ankara for babies: French lace for the top, ankara for the skirt and some bright tutu of a matching color as a petticoat. The combination looks wonderful and a baby girl will definitely look gorgeous in such a garment.

This is only a small collection of examples and, as you can see, the diversity of styles and cuts is really wide. Everything you need to do is choose the best and most comfortable among ankara baby designs and get your baby girl such a dress!


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