[Photos] What Is Your Skin Type?


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Knowing your skin type is necessary in order to make the right decision about a proper skin care or treatment, find out what your skin type is in the list below.

1. A normal skin type has good circulation and there will not be any trace of oil on the tissue. Normal skin is soft, with a smooth, even skin tone.

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2. An oily skin type will leave blots of facial oil on the tissue, particularly from the cheeks, nose and forehead. This type of skin produces more oil than necessary. Oily skin can be hereditary, diet induced, hormone levels, pregnancy, unsuitable cosmetics and stress, leading to acne flare ups and enlarged pores. It is vital to thoroughly clean the skin regularly with gentle, soap-free cleansers.

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3. A dry skin type has a low level of oil and does not maintain oil easily. Dry skin is often flaky and feels tight after being wiped. Gentle cleansing and a rich protective moisturizer for dry skin is essential to control that tight, uncomfortable feeling. It may be necessary to adjust your dry skin moisturizer for the changing seasons.

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4.With a combination skin type oil is produced around the ‘T-zone’ of the  nose and forehead but not on the cheeks, mouth and eye areas. The best skin care for combination skin will involve treating each region differently.

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5. Having a sensitive skin type can mean different things to different people. It can be caused by skin conditions such as eczema or allergies. Sensitive skin can become inflamed and irritated easily. It is important to choose the right skin care for sensitive skin because many cleansers and moisturizers contain ingredients that can cause a reaction.

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