From a female reader

My husband’s se xual libido is so high that as his wife, I am exhausted and tired. He demands for se x from me like every other day and my refusal has caused issues between us. 

It is not like I am trying to run away from my marital duties but sometimes I just need him to understand that the rigors of work and taking care of our three little children takes its toll on me and s ex is sometimes the last thing on my mind. 

I might just want to rest and as hardened a he is, even when he sees that I climb the bed by 11.30pm and I am to wake up by 5.30am to start preparing the children for school, he doesn’t care and still demands s ex from me.


I am Tired. Now I am thinking if I should talk to my Pastor or his Father so that they can talk to him for me. Is this a right or wrong move?  

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