Mehn, end time is . already… Nobody can tell me anything otherwise.

If only the youth of nowadays could channel their intelligence and smartness into meaningful things, Nigeria would have become a great Nation better than it is currently…. I said this because of this guy and lady’s level of smartness, it’s second to none.

They opted for Anal S*x instead of the norms because they don’t want her Mum to know she’s already having s*x because they do check her to see if her virginity is still intact.


I hope other Deeper Life parents get to see this and know w. to check next time ????

See this Tweet below:-

Mehn, things dey happen oo ????????


Who would have thought a Deeper life girl would ever do this? – Mehn, end time is .!

Now, over to you ????

If You Are To Talk/Advice The Guy Or Lady – What Would You Say To Them Right Now?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this important issue.


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