Police Arrest Man For Marrying Wife Without Parents’ Permission [UPDATED]


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Nono Orji has cried out for help over the arrest of her husband, Ugo Madugba, a 30-year-old man, who was arrested by the Dolphin Police Division in Ikoyi for marrying his 28-year-old wife without getting the permission of her parents. Nono claims her husband was arrested following the orders of her parents who never supported the union from the onset.

The lady who is a medical doctor, alleged on one of her . posts on Thursday, that there was a plot by the police to kill her husband through poisoning. The . post read;

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“Breaking News: The Nigerian Police in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi just arrested an Innocent 30-year old man called Ugo Madugba for an offence of Marriage. Marriage has become a crime in Nigeria according to Dolphin police station in Ikoyi. Mr. Ugo got married to Dr. Nono, a 28-year old medical Doctor. Her father has been very distraught about it and has used the police to threaten the young couple to the extent of arresting all those who acted as witnesses to the marriage who are now in custody. He has been denied access to his family and friends and information reaching us has it that his Lawyer was also denied access to him. There is a belief that a plan to poison Ugo is being hatched. Please forward this message to as many people as possible lets save Ugo’s life.”

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Ugo and Nono –

Nono Orji disclosed in a different . post that her parents were trying to push her into an arranged marriage to a man of their choice and when she refused, they accused her husband of hypnotizing her.

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Nevertheless, a police . told Punch correspondent that they believe Nono Orji was hypnotized and kidnapped by her husband. As the . said the matter would be moved to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, today.

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I understand that most parents are usually very attached to their children to the point that they fail to realize when it’s time to let go of them and allow them live their own lives. But it really baffles me when I hear stories of parents organizing men for their daughters to marry. This is the 21st century for crying out loud, not the primitive era. To Mr. Orji and wife, I know the world is bad and men could be wicked and exploitative, just in case you feel Ugo wants a share of your family’s wealth, but telling me that a fully matured, educated, qualified and practicing medical doctor was hypnotized, abducted and married by her husband is too much to digest. She’s grown enough to make her own mistakes and learn from them so why not simply bless the marriage and let your daughter be happy if you really love her.

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Meanwhile, reports reaching BuzzNigeria suggests that Mr. Ugo Madugba has been released from detention following an order from the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni. Madugba, is quoted to have said upon his release, “I have been released and I am very grateful.”

Dr. Nono now has her heartthrob back! And Daddy should please leave her alone! What God has joined together, you know the rest…


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