Popular Pastor Stripped Na ked in Public by Wine Seller…What He Did Wrong Will Really Shock You


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The pastor identified as Prophet Bismarck Anokye aka ‘Bonsam Abodam’ was stripped n*ked in public.

The 39 year old Pastor, a resident of Dunkwa Offin in the Central Region of Ghana, is very popular in the area.

According to Adom News, the pastor suffered probably the worst disgrace of his life when he was stripped naked by an alcohol (Akpeteshie) seller.

The woman stripped the prophet for buying several drinks without paying but promising to pay later. After he refused to pay, she was forced to attack him.

Bystanders were thrown into a state of utter shock when they got to know that the pastor owed the beer bar operator a debt of GHC80.00 being the cost of akpeteshie drink and cigarettes he had consumed.

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Adom News reports that the ‘man of God’ who usually preaches at various big markets in the region and sometimes in the Western Region as well, is known for
admonishing people to turn away from their bad deeds and live righteous and exemplary lives which are acceptable unto God.

Little did residents know that the pastor uses the little offering he receives after preaching on a drinking spree consuming strong alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

After drinking the akpeteshie and smoking cigarettes to the said amount, Prophet Bismarck Anokye then stopped visiting the drinking spot and started using another route to and fro his home to avoid being caught.

Luck however eluded him when the akpeteshie seller spotted him seated at the front position of a commercial vehicle (trotro), at Ayamfuri the woman who would
not let the opportunity slip by raised an alarm following which the vehicle was stopped and the ‘man of God’ questioned.

He admitted to owing the woman and begged the latter to allow him some time to pay his debt but the angry woman who had no mercy on him, forcibly took off th
pastor’s clothing and footwear to pay up for the cost of the akpteshie and cigarettes.

He was however saved by some witnesses who took pity and gave him some clothes to wear.

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