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When the wedding starts getting near, a lot of things are beginning to pile up, including pre-wedding shoot spots, ideas etc.

The pre-wedding shoot spots shouldn’t be an issue because we’ve searched and brought you the best of the best, depending on what concept you’re trying to achieve:

1. Your house

This might sound boring, but really, a good photographer can work with cool spots in the house and turn your pictures into a fairy tale. It also saves cost and the inconvenience of w. to change.

pre-wedding shoot spots

(Photo: Prince Meyson)

2. Beautiful parks

T. are quite a few beautiful  parks in Lagos. You can either choose to have a picnic or vintage theme or just have some fun. We pick the last option of course! We have the VGC park, Muri Okunola Park,  and Jhalobia recreational park among others.

pre-wedding shoot spots

(Photo: Come To Nigeria)

3. Moving props

You can decide to use all or some of the transport services you like. It could be a bus, or an airplane, a keke or you could even use a railway station. With the right props, you can tell any story.

pre-wedding shoot

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(Photo: Visual Plus Studios)

4. Beautiful hotels

T. are a lot of hotels in Lagos, but they aren’t all wedding shoot beautiful so you’ll have to choose the your preferred venue carefully.

5. Art galleries

Dear Art lovers, unite! Although t. are a lot of art galleries in Lagos, we have chosen the Nike Art Gallery, and the Omenka Art Gallery as our favourites.

pre-wedding shoot spots

(Photo: Jide Odukoya)

6. Zenith Bank Road at Christmas

We even thought of those who want a Christmas themed wedding… Yasss! This road lights up like Santa’s house every Christmas. It’s the perfect spot for a Christmas theme.

pre-wedding shoot spots

(Photo: Bezalel Force)

Are t. spots you’ve visited that you think are amazing pre-wedding shoot spots? Now you have a spot, let’s see these amazing pre-wedding shoot concepts.




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