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Your wedding day is coming up and we know you want to be fit and trim. These pre-wedding workout tips will help you not worry about your fitness even when you can’t hit the gym.

Use these pre-wedding workout tips to achieve that summer body before your big day:

1. Get a routine…

…and a partner if you can. A routine will help create some discipline, and you can go a notch higher by setting reminders or alarms and whatever you know helps you meet up with deadlines.

pre-wedding workout tips

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2. Eating Right

Getting fit needs a lot of dieting involved but most people just go ahead and starve themselves. It’s okay to eat lots of vegetables for your immune boost and that glow. Food rich in protein are great too. Exercise not death, abeg.

3. Food timing

While we advise that you eat well and right, eating late at night doesn’t help your stomach fat as well as eating heavy. So, if you’re trying to have that snatched waist on your wedding day and you’re still eating heavy foods late at night, kolewerk!

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pre-wedding workout tips

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4. Use workouts as stress relief

Stress is another huge enemy of your health, and being fit should be able to enhance your all-round health. In addition to allowing yourself some ‘me’ time when you’re working out, you can do routines that will also help relieve stress, like y..

pre-wedding workout tips

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5. Timing

If you’re trying to lose a lot of weight, you should start early because it happens gradually. Getting a trainer and doing a lot of intense cardio will also help.

In addition to these pre-wedding workout tips, it won’t be a bad idea to have a pre-wedding getaway, .’s why.




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