Prevent Corns On Your Toes And Keep Your Feet Pretty With These Tipsfashionstyle


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Corn is a build up of skin tissue that forms on the feet when t. is constant pressure on your toes. Overtime, the pressure causes the skin cells in that area to die. And then afterwards, your body forms the hard surface (corn) as a way to protect itself.

Corns are often caused by wearing shoes that are too tight. But they can also be caused by a hammertoe pressing against another toe. You can prevent corns on your toes with the following tips:

  1. Keep Your Toenails Trimmed

We get that nail polishes might look nicer on long toe nails. But if your toe nails are too long they could push your toe up against your shoe. This would create pressure which results in corn.

prevent corns on your toes


   2. Wear Shoes That Fit Rightly To Prevent Corns On Your Toes

Most of us have been guilty of this at one point or another. You’re shoe shopping, you spot a pair of shoes that you really like and suddenly decide you can’t live without. But it’s not available in your size and you don’t want to let it go. Enter the famous shoe expander but even that doesn’t work. Finally, it takes three sales assistants with some blood, tears and plenty of sweat to get your feet inside the shoes. You might be content at that moment, but trust us you’re only sowing corns and you will reap them later on.

prevent corns on your toes


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  3. If You Test Shoes With One Foot, Use The Larger One

Most people don’t bother to try on new shoes with both feet. That’s fine but just make sure you’re using your larger feet. If it’s too tight on that feet, then it’s not the right fit for you. Please beware of the overzealous Ibo boys who try to sell their shoes with ”e go expand”.

 4. Wearing Socks Can Prevent Corns On Your Toes

Sometimes socks can act as a buffer between your toes and shoes. So it could stop pressure from building up on your toes and prevent corns from forming.

Sometimes ladies, shoes are only as pretty as the feet that wear them.

prevent corns on your toes

(Photo: Pinterest via leonard feelings)

So keep these tips handy to prevent corns on your toes. And if you already have really bad corns, you might want to see a doctor to get it surgically removed.




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