Reasons Why Some Relationships Never Happen At All In Our Lives


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Some relationships never last whereas some never start. When a relationship never seems to start and never seems to go anywhere even when both the partners are interested, it tends to be pretty frustrating. Are you in that boat?

Well, do you know why some relationships never work? There could be many reasons and you need to sit and analyse why yours never started in the first place.

After looking at several relationships and the couples around you, one thing must have been clearly understood by you. There are myriad number of factors that come together to make a relationship last. Sometimes, even if you have given your best and even if your partner had tried her best, some things just don’t move forward or even when they move forward, they never last. Again frustration!

Well, in this post, let us not talk about breakups but let us talk about relationships that never even start. And let us look at some reasons.

She Never Responds: She is your neighbour or your colleague. You stared at her daily and did your best to convey that you were interested. She too looked at you and enjoyed the attention but that’s about it. The story never goes forward. You never dare to approach her and she never comes to you and time passes by. Its an example of a relationship that never even starts.

She Is Indecisive: Some women are indecisive. Though you approach them and start talking, they may smile and convey that they are interested but beyond that, nothing else happens. Neither do you take the liberty to propose her nor does she indicate that she wants to marry you. Waste of time!

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She Is Confused: Some women don’t let you take it forward because they are basically confused. They are comparing you either with some ex or with some other man who is currently in their lives. Confusion makes them stop and think. You can’t take such a love story forward unless her confusion is gone.

She Doesn’t Have The Courage: She loves you but lacks the courage to come to you and convey her interest. You love her and you try to speak to her but she tries to avoid you without giving any reason. This could just make a boring love story if this continues for months or years.

She Is Scared Of Her Parents: Some women are generally scared of going against their parents’ wishes. Elders generally try to find a suitable match instead of allowing the daughter to choose a good man.

She Is Scared Of The Society: This happens when your relationship is too unconventional. Traditional families never allow such a relationship and if the woman is from a family that respects only conventional relationships, she may simply step back though she loves you a lot. Again a tragic story! Show Thumbnail

She Has Ego Problems: This is one of the worst issues in any relationship. Both of you like each other but you are waiting for her to come and propose due to your male ego and she on the other side has her own ego which makes her wait for you to take the first step and propose. Both of you are wrong and because of this, the relationship never happens! These are just a few reasons why some relationships never start in the first place.

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