Reasons Your Money Doesn’t Excite Her


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Some men fail to understand that money doesn’t excite women and this holds true especially when the woman is independent.

An independent woman values a lot of other things in a man but not money. Intelligence, wisdom, sense of humour, emotional stability, compassion, empathy and a lot of other qualities in men look attractive to such women. This is what women want from men more than money.

But some men think that their money, cars, status and riches can excite any woman. It is better to accept the reality than live in such dreams. Now, let us discuss about the reason why men should change their attitude in this particular matter.

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She’s Independent: An independent woman hates to depend on anyone for her basic needs. You can’t woo such a woman showing your money or financial prosperity. It takes something else to impress her as she is not going to depend upon you for money or security.

She Is Simple: Some women are simple and they live modestly without craving for material pleasures. Such women can’t be wooed by your money or extravagance.

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She Is Looking For Genuine Love: Some women (whether from a rich family or a poor family) look for genuine affection and love and such women are least interested in knowing about how much you have earned or saved. All they need is true love and if you show off your money, they would simply walk away.

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She Values Other Things: Some women value several other finer things in life like joy, peace, friends, pets, spending time with family members, travelling , reading etc. They are the ones who value sweet memories and good experiences over money. Don’t fool yourself thinking that they will fall for your money.

She Can Earn More Than: You Money doesn’t excite when she is already earning more than you. She needs her space, freedom and a lot of other things from a relationship but not money as she already has enough of it.

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She Realised That Money Isn’t Everything: There are some women who realise quite early in life that money can’t buy everything in this world. Such women may value money but they don’t crave for it anymore.

She Is A Saint: A woman who is on a spiritual path may allow a relationship in her life but not the desire for money, success, name, fame, possessions or anything mundane. These are just a few reasons why money doesn’t excite a woman. If you know of any other reason, please share it with us.

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