Relationship Goals Every Girl Want, MEN TAKE NOTE!!


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Let’s be real whether it’s from movies, music or our favorite celebs, the media have set high expectations for our own romantic relationships. We can’t help but idolize couples like Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the hopes of being in a relationship as half as flawless as theirs someday. Until then, all we can do is keep dreaming and setting our standards high. Here are 12 #RelationshipGoals we all have.

1. To meet someone who shares your unconditional love for all things pizza.

Making dinner plans just got that much easier.

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2. To look so darn good together that you and your SO get mistaken for Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Paparazzi, no pictures, please.

3. To find someone who’s down for spontaneous dancing in the middle of the day.

Extra points if he or she is willing to serenade you.

4. To meet someone who surprises you with what you really want on Valentine’s Day.

Because real roses would be just too clichéd.

5. To be with someone who believes in you as much as Kanye believes in himself.

Confidence is key.

6. To date someone who accepts you at your worst — especially when the emotional breakdowns, existential crises and inevitable period cramps hit.

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Probably all at once.

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7. And to find someone who is waiting for you with ice cream when they do.

That’s when you know you’ve found a keeper.

8. To be with someone who knows exactly how and when you like your coffee.

Once he or she’s memorized your Starbucks order, you know it’s real.

9. To date someone who tolerates your awful singing voice.

And accepts the fact that you’ll never stop spontaneously belting “Shake It Off.”

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10. To find someone who is prepared for your klutziness.

Because true love is always there to catch you when you fall.

11. To be with someone who doesn’t judge you for your irrational snack cravings.

Or when you want to eat waffles in bed.

12. And to find someone who can laugh it off with you.

Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters, right?

While our favorite celebs have set some big expectations for our relationships, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep setting our standards high. Never settle, collegiettes!

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