Relationships: 5 Things Single Ladies Say That Send Men Away


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Men are hunters by nature. They won’t stick around single ladies whom they consider time wasters. Therefore, words such as; “I can’t settle for less” or “I can’t let any man push me around,” pretty much sounds arrogant to their ear. And trust me when I tell you, it ticks them off.

Here are some potential early-in-the-relationship dating fumbles that set an alarm off for most Nigerian guys. Single ladies, stop yourself before you make one of these mistakes with a man who could be a potential life partner.

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5 Things Single Ladies Say That Sends Men Away

#1. I’m In A Relationship

This is such a cliché among many Nigerian ladies. Your social media status indicates that you’re single or your fourth-five finger shows you’re not married or engaged, that’s definitely a happy sign for a single and searching guy to make the move! So the last thing he wants to hear is, “I’m in a relationship.” And he’ll be thinking, “yeah, so?” They might stick around for some time to try their luck, but if she remains adamant, the man will simply move on to another girl who is more open-minded.

However, it is also true that most of these ladies often say this to guys they don’t find attractive or don’t like, so guys take note of that, unless you have a love-struck-strategy to win her heart.

#2. Am Not Yet Ready For Marital Squabbles

Truth be told, single ladies who says these words belong to four categories;

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  • She’s either too young and naive to venture into marriage;
  • She’s rather ambitious and wish to build her career while single;
  • She chose a life of celibacy
  • Or she’s in denial – in a pretentious way of course

Men share similar skepticism over such ladies, especial for singles who are in their late twenties, therefore are expected to be fully groomed for marriage. “Am not ready for marriage,” sounds pretty much childish and immature to men, so they don’t take such ladies seriously.

#3. I Can’t Settle For Less

As much as it’s what the lady wants, these words sound arrogant to most men. Life starts from somewhere. Rome was not built in a day. A singe lady, who wants a man to do almost everything she wants, must really be dreaming. The more she asks a man to buy the things she desires before marriage, the less the possibility that such a man will marry her. All responsible men do not want to live above their means of livelihood. They have no choice than to leave these women who show they belong to the highest rung of societal ladder.

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#4. I Can’t Let Any Man Push Me Around

You hear this words often from independent single ladies. Nowadays, women liberalisation and women emancipation have been used to confuse women more and more. About fifty years ago in Nigeria, it was easier for a single lady to get a responsible man as husband. But these days, single women are often depressed. They do say husbands have become scarce commodities. Everyone is blaming the other for her problem. In Nigerian cultures, a man should be in charge. However, some single ladies have been so confused by Western culture that they almost forgot the role of men and women in African culture. This is one of the major causes of the high rate of divorce presently. Some single ladies refuse to acknowledge men as the head, especially if the such men doesn’t live up to expectations.

#5. We Don’t Need To See Each Other. Let’s Chat

If only men and women understand each other in the world, things would be so much easier. Women do the chatting, while men listen, therefore chatting on social media doesn’t seem practical to them if they haven’t met you one on one yet. So telling him to chat with a girl who doesn’t want to meet him in person, is pretty much a time waster for him. Trust me, he won’t stick around for much longer.

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