Revealed! 7 STRANGE but TRUE reasons why Lagos hot babes are still single


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We’ve all, at one time or another, wondered why our super “hot friend” can’t find a boyfriend.

There’s really a number of reasons these hot, smart, down to earth, and funny girls are single and we’re going to explore these reasons more in-depth.

1. She’s already taken: This is probably the first thing that pops into a man’s head when he spots a beautiful girl he can’t keep his eyes off of. The more confident a girl is the more a man will assume she’s taken because she doesn’t even bother scanning the room for available bachelors. She’s happy being single and isn’t really looking!

2. She’s not into meaningless sex: A “hot but single” girl is not going to be down for just any guy. To her, nothing is worse than being reminded of the losers from her past by a sub-par hookup and zero follow through on a guys part. Sex is better with someone she has feelings for, and she’s willing to wait for that.

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3. Men are intimidated: Guys can spot a confident girl from miles away and it makes them want to run for cover. Even if she exchanges numbers he’ll assume she’s just going to remove it from her phone the minute he’s out of sight. He’s not even sure he’s in the same playing field as her.

4. They don’t settle: Even when they’re absolutely crazy about a guy, they won’t stay unless he treats her right. They know there are men out there that are willing to give them whatever it is they desire, therefore, if the man in her life can’t see just how amazing she is, she’ll be out the door super quick.

5. They’re ambitious: With jobs, with relationships, with plans, goals and aspirations – life is too short to get married at 24.

6. She’s content with herself: These days it’s pretty easy for girls to get an education, make their own money, and stay independent, so often times a man isn’t needed. A girl who makes her own money, has a great family, and some awesome friends to spend time with is happy with herself and her surroundings and isn’t interested in wasting time with a man. Independent girls often scare guys because meeting someone so well put together often gets them thinking about commitment and boys (not men) don’t like to commit.

7. She knows exactly what she wants: This hottie hot hot singleton has dated around enough to have learned from her past and identify specifically what she wants in her long term bae. She is sick and tired of making exceptions for losers that live with their moms, but are “really driven.” She is looking for someone as independent, successful, and as happy as she is! Her list of non-negotiables is rock solid, and she knows better than to waste her time on a dude who doesn’t match what she wants. She refuses to settle for just anyone.

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