REVEALED!! Troubles Only Beautiful Ladies Go Through


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1. He won’t use C0NDOMS, you use pills…Why?
Because he wants it natural (ovarian cancer and infertility in view)

2. He got you pregnant, you have aborted like 5 times…Why? Because he’s not ready

3. He is tired of your natural place for copμlation. He moves to your a*s saying it’s tighter then you begin to leak and smell….Why?
Because you want to please and not lose him!!

4. You have been wearing his engagement ring for close to 4 years, he is not wearing any…Why?
Because he has promised you marriage! May God help you!

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Food For Thought: “An engagement is where a man proposes to a lady for marriage and does so within a specified short period of time. It’s not putting a ring on a ladies finger for five years just to scare off other potential men. “This is witchcraft”

5. You dress half nakεd thinking you look s’εxy and H0T. He isn’t complaining. But he has more clothes on. Don’t be surprised when he takes a more decent girl home!

6. You get pregnant for him because he promised you marriage at the end of the day, he still doesn’t marry you. You become single mama with no job, no means for fending for your baby and yourself so you leave your junior with grandma and go back to hustling field. Then you begin to say,’ Men are Wicked’…Whose fault??

7. Please ladies be wise you know you deserve better than this. Don’t always be at the losing end…BE WISE… If you have or are in this situation then admit it that you were Foolish but since we all make mistakes, it’s high time you need to wise up!

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