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Ridiculous Wedding Day Superstitions You Should Totally See

wedding day superstitions
Are you superstitious? Wedding day superstitions come in different forms; from the ones that are said to bring good luck to the ones that supposedly bring bad luck and other consequences.

Wedding day superstitions are peculiar to all countries, including Nigeria. Have you heard of any of these wedding day superstitions?

On days
wedding day superstitions

(Photo: Pinterest via modern contemporary weddings)


Wednesday is considered to be the luckiest day to get married, Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for health. We wonder, what about our Saturday Nigerian weddings?

On history

Brides originally stood to the left of the groom during the ceremony as he needed his right hand to fight off other suitors and the groom originally carried the bride across a threshold to protect her from evil spirits! Isn’t that…eh…romantic?


If the younger of two sisters get married first, the older sibling must dance barefoot at the wedding or risk never getting married! In Nigeria, some places actually have the younger sister wait until the older one finds a suitor.

On weather
wedding day superstitions

(Photo: Love Weddings)


Although it’s every bride’s worst nightmare, it is said that rain on your wedding is supposed to bring good luck and fertility.

On luck

A spider found in the bride’s wedding dress brings good luck to her marriage. If this is good luck, we don’t want oh! A sugar cube in the bride’s bouquet, glove or dress is supposed to ‘sweeten the marriage up’.

On rings
wedding day superstitions

(Photo: Instagram/Delphimetals)

Sapphire engagement and wedding rings are said to promise marital happiness while aquamarine rings bring marital harmony. Pearl engagement rings are a no-no, as they are said to look like tears. Nobody wants to cry in their marriage abi?


It’s not compulsory to believe in these wedding day superstitions oh, but it’s fun knowing what people believe. On a lighter note, if you just got engaged, . are some things you should not do.

Featured image: @thebridaldirectory via Instagram.

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