Rihanna’s July 2020 Fenty Shoe Drop With Amina Muaddi Is So Iconic

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It’s been just over a year since Rihanna launched her clothing brand Fenty, and—unlike the rest of 2020—things just keep getting better. After a year of seriously cool luxury fashion featuring everything from work-ready pumps to sexy mini dresses and luxe winter coats, the mogul is back at it again with another drop that’s sure to blow us all away. Created with designer Amina Muaddi, Rihanna’s July 2020 Fenty shoe launch is THE gift we all need this summer. For Rihanna stans, shoe-lovers and luxury fashion shoppers alike, this Fenty drop is a summer shoe game-changer—and I can’t wait to snag every gorgeous pair.

I get it, though. Some people would rather hear an announcement about Rihanna’s upcoming album and not a new shoe collection (no matter how seriously incredible it might be). And while I, too, would love some new music from Rih, I can’t deny the fact that new drops from her clothing brand are just as exciting. (Yeah, I said it!) Every artist has times when they’re feeling inspired about one project more than another—and clearly Rihanna is choosing to put her creative energy toward her fashion line right now. Would I be thrilled to have both new Fenty designs and a new album? Of course. But I’d rather have just one of the two instead of none. So, I’ll be over . freaking out over Rihanna’s latest shoe collection if you need me.

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Like with most of her Fenty drops, Rihanna loves to tease her fans. On Tuesday (the day before the official drop) she posted a seriously epic photo from the collection Twitter. I never thought I’d be tempted to shop an entire shoe collection based on one photo, but . we are. Rihanna has managed to hook me with just one Tweet—though I wouldn’t expect anything less. We’re just lucky that these shoes are obviously fire, because I’d be tempted to buy even the ugliest shoes on the planet if Rihanna told me to. Sorry not sorry.

Past shoe collections from Fenty have featured mostly trendy heels (and a few boots), so, between that fact and the teaser that Rihanna posted on Twitter featuring high-as-the-Eiffel-Tower shoes, we can pretty much assume that the newest shoe drop will have plenty of high heels from which to choose. Sneakers may be a summertime favorite, but when Rihanna blesses us with fashionable luxury heels, t.’s no going back. Catch me putting all my sneakers into storage this season so I can wear Fenty heels—and Fenty heels only.

The entire Fenty shoe collection for July 2020 will be available on the Fenty site starting July 15, so set those alarms and have your credit cards ready. Fenty drops typically sell out very quickly, so if you want to snag a pair of these shoes designed by Amina Muaddi and Rihanna, you best be ready to rumble. This shopping experience isn’t for the faint of heart—but if you make it to checkout, it’ll be well worth it.

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