We all agree that Rihanna’s style isn’t exactly for the faint-hearted, but we have to admit that her dresses are iconic and if you’re looking to be edgy…

Here’s some inspiration from Rihanna’s style that you can totally use for your next wedding:

1. Pink, ruffles and a smile

You can pull this off using any material, really. Even Ankara works!

Rihanna's style

(Photo: Instagram/badgirlriri)

2. The silky way

Silk never looked any prettier. With the off-shoulder trend going on, you’re welcome.

rihanna's style

(Photo: Fashion Times)

3. Edgy, chic and badass!
rihanna's style

(Photo: Red Carpet)

4. Black and yellow!

If you can pull off that neckline without causing heart attacks (and if you do want to cause a few palpitations), by all means, do!

Rihanna's style

(Photo: US Weekly)

5. Fiercely simple

If you’re looking to make a statement at that wedding but in a subtle way…THIS.

rihanna's style

(Photo: Instagram/badgirlriri)

Rihanna’s style will always be iconic!

rihanna's style

(Photo: Instagram/badgirlriri)

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