Rules For Combing Natural Hair

combing natural hair-.

African hair is unlike any other type of hair. You have to be careful when combing natural hair, because  African hair and combs are not lovers. In order to avoid damage to your tresses from too much combing, you need to know some basic rules.

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The kinks and coils in natural hair do not like too much disturbance and breakage can easily occur if combing isn’t done the right way. If your hair is a teenie weenie ‘fro, you can get away with regular combing. Once it is longer than three inches, limit the combing times.

Rules For Combing Natural Hair

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There are basic rules to combing natural hair, follow them and you will be fine

  • Never comb hair when dry or soaking wet. Mist hair with water before combing.
  • Never use a small comb, opt for wide tooth combs
  • If it’s wash day, a conditioner would be a great addition to give slip and ease detangling. It is easier to detangle hair when it has some slip
  • Ensure your hair is in a protective style that is easy to manage/rearrange so you can avoid using a comb during the week
  • Some people opt for finger detangling as against the use of comb, you can also try that

How often do you comb your hair? Notice any difference? You can share with us . too, let’s learn


. Rules For Combing Natural Hair .


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