Russian Sculptor Creates Chocolate Sculpture Of Putin And His Dog


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Russian artist Nikita Gusev has created a life-size sculpture of  President Vladimir Putin made entirely of chocolate.                             
Gusev used 70 kilos (154 lbs) of chocolate to make the sculpture that was commissioned by and will be the main attraction at the city’s Chocolate Festival. He also made a chocolate sculpture of Putin’s late dog, a Labrador named Connie.

With the sculpture near completion on Thursday, the St. Petersburg-based sculptors had already used more than 70 kilograms of chocolate.

The most difficult part to make was the head, because the head and face are the most recognisable (parts of a person) and if you do those well the body doesn’t have to match reality for it to be clear who the sculpture is.

That’s why the first part I started in my work was the head, and I spent approximately three days on it.
After that was finished, I started the body

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– Nikita Gusev, sculptor

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The creators expect their creation to be a become a Guinness record. It was originally commissioned by the festival to make a bust of the President, sculptors went one step further and made him life-size.

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