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If you want to get married in the Catholic church, it can be a hassle if you don’t know the rules. We’ve all heard the stories of people whose hair got cut off or who faced some embarrassment or the other because they didn’t follow the rules of the particular church they were getting married in.

We don’t want that to happen to you so we’re telling what you need to know about getting married in the Catholic church to help you plan better.

1. The interview

The couple will duly have to visit the priest first and tell him they’re getting married. he may or may not ask them any questions, but a familiar priest is likely to ask to know if you’re sure about your decisions.

married in the catholic church

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2. Date

You’ll need to find out the holy days of obligations so that your date doesn’t clash, then pick out some potential dates and with the help of the church office and availability of the dates chosen, a date will be picked for your wedding.

married in the catholic church

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3. Requirements
  • Identification: After you’ve told the church about getting married, someone in the church will need to identify you as a member. It can be anybody at all, as long as it’s not family. After it’s done, you can go ahead to the marriage courses.
  • Marriage counselling: This is a compulsory aspect in the church, the duration varies however, from parish to parish. Some last for 3 months and some last for 6 months. Some courses cannot be missed but there’ll be flexibility for unseen absences.
  • Customary rites: First off, the couple have to be baptized in the catholic church, they also have to show proof of the registry approval and proof that traditional rites have been fulfilled.
  • Bans of marriage: After completing the above, your names will be called in allthe catholic churches you’ve ever identified in for about 3 weeks – this is for people to pray for you and/or come forward with reasons why you shouldn’t get married.
4. Dress code

Dress code rules vary from parish to parish. When you’ve chosen the parish you’re getting married at, make inquiries on what is allowed and what isn’t.

married in the catholic church

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5. Get married

Once you’ve finished the requirements, a letter will be given to you and you can get married in any catholic church in the world. You might just have to reschedule the dates.

See! That wasn’t even complicated at all, right? Meanwhile, you should note these wedding details before you get married.




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