.’s How To Find The Perfect Red Lipstick Shade For Your Skintone

The guide to finding the perfect red lipstick  shade for your skin tone is .! So hopefully from . you can make better red colour lipstick choices!

Undoubtedly, red is a classic lip colour. It stays exuding elegance and sexiness like no other. The colour is classic, no other lip colour can displace it as the epitome of chicness. Red is an all-around statement making colour and this also applies to its role in beauty. However, the problem (well it isn’t exactly a problem but you get our drift) with this is everyone seems to apply the same shade of red lipstick. This isn’t supposed to be because we all have different skin tones. Our guide is about the resolve that while setting you apart in the process!

Fair Skintone

For light skin ladies, a light red shade of lipstick would suit you best. The light red shade complements your fair skin tone accordingly. When next you plan to buy beauty products, specifically ask for a beige shade of red. You can try out from there!

Instagram / BM Pro Makeup

Medium Skintone

For this skin tone, red proper which we call ‘tomato-red’ suits you best. If you have been using this colour, you are on the right path. If you happen to fall under this category, lucky you because everyone seems to need a piece of your proper shade of red. That has to be a plus!

Instagram / I Am Dodos

Caramel Skintone

All the caramel babies stand up! Dark red calls you forth. Because caramel babies fall more on the dark side, this shade of red is much deeper than the other 2 options above. It complements the skin tone accordingly.

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Dark Skintone

These ladies stay serving melanin on a platter. However, the red shade that suits them best borders on the fence of brown and red. To serve beauty looks that complement your skin tone, then brownish red it is!

Instagram / Doranne Beauty

With this guide, red lipsticks don’t have to be a struggle anymore so get to implementing!

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