.’s How To Infuse Ankara Prints Into Your Looks & It’s Beginner Friendly!


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Ankara prints are chic and rich, versatile and super bold. They are not for the faint hearted, when well coordinated they could be one of the most show stopping looks you’d ever wear.

Ankara prints have slowly evolved to a point where it feels like they never go out of style, they get better each season fast making a timeless staple in different styles. Who says they only have to come in cotton fabrics? (Lisa Folawiyo; the brand has made this a modern must have transferring prints on exotic fabrics!)


Lisa Folawiyo in her eponymous brand’s SS18 paired with a denim jacket and Balenciaga booties (@lisafolawiyo)

The snag is not all of us know exactly how to wear this bold look, while some still are not huge fans of the versatile print, some would wear it in exotic fabrics but some still have no idea how to throw this fab print together- we used to be that person too but no worries we’ve got you covered.

If you are clueless about doing the prints chic, .’s how to get started.
Layer over or under neutral/muted hues


Try styling your print piece with muted colours especially if you are a minimalist. You don’t want to ‘upset’ your personal style just yet so it works to slowly ease into the new look with one style piece at a time. You can start by infusing an Ankara print kimono/coat, wear as pants or skirts paired with whites or neutrals making it the standout look for instance. You can then go bolder as when you get more comfortable with the look.

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Don’t do a contrast/clash just yet

If you’re a newbie, dont class prints just yet (@theladyvhodka)

By all means don’t get too excited just yet, go in first with solid prints against other colours you’re comfortable in. Don’t start by doing a contrasting print look just yet, it not only takes expertise to pull the print on print look, you have to have the personality as well and this comes when you’ve mastered the art of clashing prints. So start simple!

Minimal Accessories

With solid prints looks go minimal with accessory (@janemichaelekanem)

Now that you are able to infuse prints into your looks you have to leave the accessories minimal. Because prints are bold on their own they are always the focal point, don’t disrupt the flow over accessorizing. With prints, accessories are best kept simple.

Make it an accessory

Infuse prints into your look as a headwrap (@janemichaelcollection)

To wear prints chic, by all means wear it as an accessory. Try wearing those as headwraps, turbans and jewelry and watch you go from drab to fab!

Are you trying out the prints look? How are you getting started?

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