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While you’re trying to dance and enjoy your special day, we know that the last thing any bride wants to have on her mind is how much her feet hurt. That’s why you need to get the most comfortable wedding shoes you can lay your hands on.

Yes, you need to slay from head to toe on your wedding day, but your wedding shoes can actually be gorgeous and still comfy. .’s how to pick the most comfortable wedding shoes for your big day:

1. Don’t wait till the last minute

Most brides make the mistake of buying wedding accessories too close to the wedding, mostly because they want it all new and shiny. Buying your shoes early, gives you a chance to change it and still have good options. If you keep it well, it won’t even matter if you bought it a year ago.

2. Wear them around the house

Wear it indoors so you don’t ruin the sole, just in case you’ll need to return it. Wearing the shoes will help you decide whether it’s comfortable enough for you to wear for a long time; whether tight or loose.

Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes

(Photo: Glen Terrace wedding)

3. Are they tight or loose?

You should be able to tell if you’ve gotten the most comfortable wedding shoes after wearing them around for a little while. If you like the comfort level, then you can wear them, if not, don’t bother.

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4. Buy shoe-hack accessories

Are the shoes a bit too tight? You can buy very thin shoe socks so the shoes won’t rub against your  bare skin. Are they a bit loose? You can buy shoe pads, try different ones until you have the perfect state of comfort. Need to expand them? You can do it yourself with ice packs. 

5. Have a back up plan

There are very few occasions where you’ll do numbers 1 to 4, but the wedding day is . and you just want to take off your shoes mid ceremony… Please do! It’s your wedding day so anything for you! Just make sure you have a pair of cute sandals handy.

Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes

(Photo: FSJS shoes)

It’s your special day, and so you deserve to have the most comfortable wedding shoes ever!

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