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This is Nigeria, so the surest way to peace of mind is to have a back up plan always. Most weddings have moments that are totally unexpected, but nobody really expects their hair stylist to disappear. However, it happens.

. are some things to do if you find yourself in this position:

1. DIY – YouTube Video

Thankfully, everything is on the internet these days, and YouTube is the most practical site ever. So just go on YouTube and look for ‘simple bridal hairstyles’ or ‘bridal hairstyles’ and just begin. Your bridesmaids will definitely be there to help so you’ll be done in no time!

2. Ask friends and/family

Start now to look out for that friend or family member that can make and style hair… lol! Good thing is that, it’s your wedding so everything and almost everyone will be at your beck and call to help your day go smoother… Use this privilege well oh! Just ask that friend or family member and we’re sure your hair will be done in no time.

3. Salons around can style your hair

If you’re the kind that doesn’t like free stuff,  this is your cue. Hopefully, if you’re not in a remote place, you’ll find a lot of salons and you can patronize one. Do well to go with someone; a second opinion always ensures better results.

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4. Wig it

Thank God for the hair hero -WIG! Saving hair emergencies, all day everyday. There are a lot of beautiful wigs that you can style simply and slay in!

The best way to avoid impromptu wedding hairstylist issues is to do most things early and not wait till the last minute. You can use this wedding checklist to crosscheck all your wedding details.



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