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Wedding rehearsals are not very common in Nigeria but they’re really important. A wedding rehearsal doesn’t have a fixed order but these essential things should be touched:
1. Who’s in charge

This is a great time to tell the guests who to call in case they was an emergency or they needed something… Instead of calling the bride or groom. You don’t want someone calling to ask the bride why she hasn’t gotten food, or ask the groom the way to the venue.

2. The process

Especially for a church or culture that isn’t a familiar one… It’ll be nice for everybody to get an idea of how the processes work , what to do at each time and how to do it. If the wedding has seating arrangements, this is also a great time to show the people invited where they’ll seat and maybe why.

wedding rehearsal

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4. Breaking the tradition

Although your church may want a particular format, it’s okay to want something else. No tradition or process is set in stone so you can always  tweak a few things . and there. If that’s the case, it’ll be great to tell everyone all the changes and have them practice it.

wedding rehearsal

(Photo: Instagram/BlackBridesKillingIt)

A wedding rehearsal makes for a smooth wedding, and isn’t that the goal? This is why you should have a wedding rehearsal.


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