Se x And Love 9 important things to note before you attempt a nal se x!!!


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A nal se x is becoming more acceptable these days.

However, it doesn’t feel the same way for everyone and, while some people may just want a finger in there other hole during ‘normal’ se x, some people want an actual pen ile/se x toy pe netration while another group want oral-an al ..

No matter where you stand, one you decide to try an al se x, the health concerns must be considered.

First, you must know that the a nal region has a lot of nerves endings, just like in the pe nis or va gina, and it is very full sensation.

The tightness of the a nus pleases the person pe netrating, so the giver and the receiver will get the feel-good experience from the act.

An al se x is however very different from the usual and you must note these:

1. You need to talk with your partner because a nal se x is a whole different ball game. Simply discuss and agree you want to do it and then trust each other to get it done.

2. Women have a risk of getting infections passed from the an us to the va gina. So a change of c ondoms must be done before the man switches from v agina to an us or the other way round.

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3. Because the an us is a lot tighter than a vagi na and doesn’t not lubricate naturally, an al se x takes some time and a lot of patience. So, start with a finger, oral-an al se x, or a slim se x toy to ease in the big thing.

4. Use a lubricant always. A silicon lube because is preferred because it’s thick and lasts a long time. You can also add more lube at intervals.

5. If you must use a se x toy as a starter, start with a slim one with flared base so it does not slip into the a nus. A toy will help relax the area.

6. Do ggy-style is a favorite position for an al .. It opens up the person who is receiving for easy access.

7. Women will also appreciate the co wgirl position because it gives her to control the situation.

8. There can be injuries. The person receiving the an al may experience soreness or tearing that can result in bleeding. In rare cases, the man giving may hit a hard part and fracture his pe nis.

9. Bottom line of an al se x is to go slow, use lubrica nts and start the pen etration process with a finger or slim se x toy before inserting an er ect pen is.

If you read this and still decide to go ahead with anal, enjoy slowly.


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