Se x Story : How I Impregnated Another Woman Two Months After My Wedding (18+)


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So last summer I went to Bangladesh to get married (as it was arranged) and I’m not gonna lie but my future wife was so f cking hot! I’m the type of guy that’s interested in big tits, and boy did she have a huge rack! 

Once we both had got married which took place within two weeks as I arrived in Bangladesh, I had an extra month after my wedding to stay and visit other villages. On my first night with my wife, lets just say our clothes were on the floor. A week later I had later eyes on another women who was so hot, I would regularly pretend I was f cking her instead of my wife. But one day as my wife was visiting her village (which you do after you get married) I decided I would stay in my village a little longer. 

While I was alone, I spotted the women who I had wanted so bad, so I followed her into her room (she was staying at my house as it was big enough for other family members to stay) I started to speak to her and ask various questions, and then I found out she was married with two kids. 

Oh, this only made me want her even more, the thought of both of us cheating just turned me on, I asked more questions and also found out that they weren’t financially stable, so I offered her some money (which in Bengali you can do to help each other out) she happily took the money afew days after. 

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I came back to her room later (after giving her the money) and I started to tell her that I could give her more money if she needed, she said yes, but then I said only in one condition, she wanted to know what, so I got closer to her and started to touch her body, she didnt say a word, so I started to take of her saree, and then her blouse, and I pushed her onto her bed. I went back shut the door and made sure it was locked. I then pounced on her ripped her bra off and we started to kiss uncontrollably, we both ended up with no clothes on and I f*cked her like there was no tomorrow. 

For the next few more days I continued to sleep with her behind her husbands and my wife’s back. Now that I’m back in the UK, with my wife (she doesn’t know about the secret affair) I got a call from the women telling me she’s pregnant with my child, now I’m thinking of bringing her into this country where she can stay with me, and pretend I got her over to bring her husband into this country too, but instead I might keep her in my house, and while my wife’s not around I can continue my love affair? 

She’s so hot, I just can’t stop thinking about her, even when I’m having se x with my wife sometimes I imagine its the other women

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