Se x Story: The First Time I watch Another Man Enter My Wife….Part 2 (18+)


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The first time for me was so exciting I nearly creamed my pants as I hadn’t gotten them off yet! 

It was my wife (we had been married 7 years at the time) and are best friend, we had both known him before we got married, and he and my wife had used to date, so we all went way back. we had talked about it before several times, but it was my wife who initiated it when she came back from the kitchen with beer, and sat in his lap to open his for him and put it to his lips and help him drink it. 

As she cu.ddled into him, she looked at me for the go-ahead which I gave her with a smile and a nod – and she was off! Holding his beer in one hand, and her other arm around his neck, she moved in and kissed him – tentatively at first, and then with tongues! 

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It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen! But I couldn’t say that anymore after about 15 minuets, I came out of the bathroom, and they were gone. I heard them in the bedroom so I went in there and they were both on the bed kissing and fon.dling. He was hard and she had in her hand stroking him, then she stopped kissing him turned around and went down on him taking it in her mouth. As she did this he fon.dled her fingering her and getting her ready. Then as I knelt on the floor at the end of the bed, she turned around and straddling him, lowered herself onto his shaft guiding it into herself with her hand. 

I recognize the moan of delight she breathed as she sank down firmly on it, he was much larger than I am! And that was how I watched the first time another man enter my wife, and begin ba nging her – it was fantastic! I stood up there at the end of the bed and got my own clothing off, and until the two of us finished inside her we took turns at her both missionary, and do ggie. We’ve done it several times since then, it’s the greatest adult . ever!

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