Se x Story: The First Time I Watched Another Man Enter My Wife (18+)


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First time I saw my wife take another man inside her was one evening when we had gone over to another couple’s house for dinner. The wife of the other couple had made . to my wife about how great her husband was in bed, so my wife already had some interest in the husband, and in the past I had noticed him checking out my wife, and I had seen her act seductive around him. My wife and I had a lot of fantasizing about her being with another man, and we had specifically used him in some of our bedroom fantasizing.

Shortly after we had arrived at the couple’s house for dinner, the wife, who was a flight attendant, was called to work to fill in for someone else on a long flight. They both insisted we stay for dinner with the husband, since dinner was almost ready. We continued to drink wine with the husband while the wife readied herself to go to the airport. When she left, the three of us had dinner, and then went outside to the pool with more wine. Ultimately, we all ended up in the pool nude. After seeing the husband in the, my wife commented to me that she sort of had an idea as to why his wife boasted about him being so good in bed.

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On a trip back into the house by me to get another bottle of wine, I looked at the window and saw my wife and my friend standing close together in the pool, and I saw him kiss her on the neck. I knew that she was gonna let him between her legs if he asked her. To make it easier for them, I took the bottle of wine back to the pool, and told them I had had far too much to drink and that I was going to lay on the sofa in the den. A while later I heard them come inside the house calling my name loudly from the steps into the den. I saw them still unclothed and holding their clothes. I pretended to be sound asleep. I heard my wife giggle about something, then they disappeared down the hallway. I gave them a few minutes and then sneaked down the hallway myself to ne ofthe guest bedrooms where I could hear them talking lowly, and my wife still giggling every now and then. I soon began hearing the grunts and groans of se.x, so I figured they would be distracted enough for me to slightly open the door without being caught. When i got the door open enough to see them on the bed, they had just turned over so my wife could get on top of him. I was able to see her reach back between her legs and guide him into her, then sit up straight as she slowly moved up and down. I knew then and there that I was totally into the wife sharing lifestyle, and have been for the last 13 years.

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