See 10 Habits Of Extremely Boring People


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Ever been around boring people before or worse have bored people with one of your attitude? Believe me, I have. This post identify some habits of boring people in your life and for you to avoid becoming one yourself. Mike Nudelman and Drake Baer posted an inforgraphic on Businessinsider, giving ten habits of extremely boring people starting with an instance: For a 2014  University of Virginia psychology study, participants gave themselves electrical shocks to avoid sitting alone with their thoughts for 15 minutes. In a similarly themed Quora thread, users discussed what makes people boring.

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Here are the highlights:

#1. Boring people have an unbalanced conversation

Find a rhythm between talking and listening to make it a “give ‘n’ take” conversation

#2. They can’t tell if others are engage in the conversation

Such people rarely notice the “talk n listen” in any conservation. They keep chatting away like chatter box like they’re the center of the universe. Pay attention to other people’s body language to best gauge how interested they are.

#3. They can’t make other people Laugh

You might hardly notice this but you barely laugh when you’re around a boring person or in a boring conversation. Cognitive flexibility allows you to assess an idea in a variety of angle in order to make light of it

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#4. They are always doing the same thing

Don’t you ever get tired of ‘usual routine?’ If you seek out a diverse range of activities and experiences, you will have plenty to talk about.

#5. They never have anything to say in a conversation

The trick is to avoid being overly circumspect or self conscious and please! offer more than one short word.

#6. They never have opinions or belief to share

Everyone have opinions about something or what they believe in. If you think critically what you believe in, then you will have much to offer in a conversation.

#7. They don’t know how to tell a good story

I admit not everybody knows how to tell a good story, but if you try and put genuine interest and care about what you’re saying – and what they’re saying as well, then you’ll have a smooth start.

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#8. They can’t see things from others perspective

The key to this, they say, is ’empathy.’ High emotional intelligent is paramount to conversationality.

#9. They don’t have anything new to add

I believe our brains are hard-wired to seek novelty, therefore, try and stimulate your listeners by providing new information.

#10. They don’t include anybody

Sensibility is also required to make this one work. Figure out if someone in the cycle of conversation is feeling ignored and try to include them.


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