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See Moment Bola Tinubu Was Captured Muttering Unknown Word At Town Hall Meeting (Video) |FS News

Tinubu who is the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress has left many tongues wagging after he was seen in a recent clip mumbling unknown words.
FS News reports that the incident happened on Thursday, November 17 at a townhall meeting in Imo state.
It happened that while Tinubu outlined his plans for Nigeria if he gets elected, he was seen struggling while trying to pronounce an unknown word.
Media personality, David Hundeyin shared the video with the caption “Never get high on your own supply.”
He added;
“I think he was trying to say “hullabaloo”, as in “a town hall is different from hullabaloo (which means noise)” but he can barely move his lips without slurring his words terribly, which is a sign of extreme muscle relaxation, which could be a sign of being drugged up on opiates.”
See video below:


“Never get high on your own supply.”
— David Hundeyin (@DavidHundeyin) November 18, 2022


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