See The 5 Major Reasons You Do Not Appeal To Men As Wife Materials


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Some women may wonder why it seems men hardly woo them. Even if men woo them, their relationship with such men may lead to nowhere because they possess certain distasteful characteristics which are some of the major reasons they are still single.

Women who fall in this category need to quickly re-trace their steps. By doing this, it will prevent them from being left behind by their peers. This is because men who ought to come for them could continue to look elsewhere.

The easiest way to cure a sickness is to know its cause. Without knowing why some men are disinterested in a lady might make her beat about the bush. She may continue to cry inwardly which will not help her situation. The only thing she should ponder upon is to know what’s wrong with her and then find the right solution to it.

A woman attracts men not just because of her beauty or intelligence or wealth. A woman attracts men only because of her good characters. On the other hand, a woman may be detested by men if she has certain unfavourable attributes. The earlier she knows these things, the better for her as this will save her from lifelong loneliness.

1. Manner of talking

Some ladies are not courteous when it comes to talking with men. They lack decorum. They talk to men the way they desire. This is however dangerous. If a woman thinks no man is worth being accorded respect, such a woman might find herself between two stools. This means her relationship status would always be clothed with so many ups and downs. A razor-mouthed lady does no man harm but herself.

One of the major reasons men are discouraged in showing interest in some ladies dwells more on the way they talk to them.


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Often, ladies do think they are the only ones who cherish privacy. They do not have regards for men’s privacy. They jump from one man to another. Such ladies are always in a permanent relationship, which leads to nowhere. If they meet a man even after saying they are already in a relationship, they exchange phone numbers with the man. They are active on all social media networks. They are ever willing to have a good number of male friends. They believe it is the only way they can outshine their peers in terms of having the latest of every material things. Some of them even keep as much as 15 different boyfriends. The end result is that none of these men will ever propose marriage to them. All what the men are interested in is sex.


Men complain greatly about some women’s character. Some men upon being attracted to a beautiful lady they meet may end up being disappointed because she lacks good manners. Marriage Counsellors and experienced couples will always say marriage is 50-50. This means as the man shows he cares, the woman must also reciprocate. However, a situation whereby the woman wants the man to do all the running around is not helpful. Women with this issue are like eyesore to men. These sets of women are never impressed by whatever good a man does to them. They love ridiculing men even if the man tries to pass positive . on them.

4. Poor fashion culture

You will be addressed by the way you dress. The dress sense of a woman counts so much. Women who are not fashion conscious may be telling men they do not need men. The socioeconomic status of a woman should reflect in the way she dresses. An educated woman who dresses like a blue zone lady should know she will lose her value and respect. Men will see her as an irresponsible person. Women who appear half nude are also not helping themselves. The first thing that comes to the mind of a man who appreciates a nude woman is to have sex with her. If a woman continues exposing the sensitive parts of her body and feels she would appeal to men, she should have a second thought. If nudity appeals to all men, women who appear half-naked should be the first to be constantly hooked up by men.


There is so much confusion in the present day world. This confusion is basically on man-woman relationship. A lady whom a man shows marital interest in and tells the man they should be friends first will chase men away from her. She herself says she wants to settle down, but she is not really ready for marriage responsibilities. She wants to go out with a man and experiment for some years before she says she is ready for marriage. Even if age is catching up on her, she will never tell a man she wants marriage. She loves trial and error. If she starts her friendship with a man, and the man does a little thing that annoys her, she switches gear. She tells the man point blank she does not need him again.

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