SEE The Scientifically Proven Most Sensual Female Body Parts


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Most men admit to remaining curious as to what turns a woman on and what specific body parts require the most attention. It is not until several rounds of trial-and-error that men will begin to become aware of what turns their partner on in between the sheets. They then stick to the usual repertoire in the boudoir. Now, Canadian scientists have found a way to eliminate the process altogether by identifying the most erogenous female body parts, based on touch, pressure, and vibration. The recent study is published in the Journal of s*xual Medicine.

To investigate, the team of Canadian researchers at the University of Montreal recruited 30 women between the ages of 18 and 35. Using light touch, pressure, and vibration, they studied each woman’s cli**ris, labia minora, vaginal and an*l margins, the lateral chest, areola, and bosom. They were then compared to neutral areas on the body, such as the neck, forearm, and abdomen.

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The women were asked to lay under a bed sheet while they stimulated various outer parts of the female body with scientific instruments. The researchers asked the participants to rank their sensitivity to light touch, pressure, and vibration stimulated by the instruments in each area. Stimulation was applied for 1.5 seconds. Then, the researchers waited for five seconds before they asked the women if they felt it.

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The unsurprising findings confirmed our common knowledge and the scientists’ knowledge about the erogenous zones in the female anatomy. When it came to light touch, the neck, forearm, and vaginal margin were ranked the most sensitive area, and the areola was reported the least sensitive. The cli**ris and bosom were the most sensitive when it came to pleasure, whereas the lateral chest and abdomen were the least. Lastly, the cli**ris and bosom were found to be the most sensitive to vibration. The cli**ris, expectedly, was the most sensitive to vibration compared to all the body parts.

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Overall, the female private parts were found to be more sensitive to pressure and vibration compared to touch, which the scientists found “interesting” since people enjoy s*x and s*x toys, according to Time magazine. The Canadian scientists hope their findings will lead to more satisfying s*xual experiences for women since their most erogenous zones are now scientifically proven. They also suggest this can provide useful information for doctors who perform chest augmentation and gender reassignment surgery.

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Feet were once thought to have a sensual connection to the private parts due to the concentration of nerve endings in the sole and digits of the foot. However, in a 2013 study, neuroscientists have found it to be the least appealing part of the male and female anatomy when it comes to studying the link between s*x and the brain.

So men, stop the toe sucking and licking, and use what scientists have confirmed. They have better equipped you to please your woman.

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