Seun Kuti Reveals Why He Re-launched Fela’s Political Party

Seun Kuti, Afro-beat singer, and son of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has revealed that his decision to re-launch his late father’s political party, Movement of the People, was because of the people’s need.

Speaking with journalists in a press conference, Seun said the Nigerian citizenry needs a political party that will consistently engage them in dialogue.

According to him, dialogue is peculiar to good governance, and any serious government must take it seriously.

Seun Kuti Reveals Why He Re-launched Father's Political Party

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

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The music star said, “It is important that we realise that the president of Nigeria cannot save Nigeria, the governors in Nigeria cannot save Nigeria. Only the people of Nigeria can save Nigeria.

“Any serious political party must engage the people with true upliftment. By so doing, every Nigerian can show his or her full potential in Nigeria without having to be traded off like a slave to go and work for another man. That party has to be one that will engage in every political position that is available from local governments, to the wards, to the executive chairmen, to the state assemblies.”

He continued: “So for us, we want to register in the minds of the people that this is the first party that will truly mold the people. We are not trying to do anything for the people. Everything we are going to do is with the people because that is w. true development comes from, and that’s w. national development starts.

“This is a different political party; this one is the movement that will represent the people of Nigeria, and that is why it is called the movement of the people. I think my dad, being the genius that he is 30 years ago. I am happy that today, that dream has been reunited in Lagos Nigeria.”

. Seun Kuti Reveals Why He Re-launched Fela’s Political Party . Newsrand.

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