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Seun Kuti Urge Citizens To Fight For Nigeria, Rather Than Pray

Pastors and imams, according to Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti, should stop pushing their congregations to pray for Nigeria.

The singer said this in an Instagram post on Monday.


Instead, he believes that clerics should push their congregations to fight for the country.

According to him, pastors who underperformed in their churches were fired and not prayed for.


Girls who accused pastors of raping them were not prayed for, according to Kuti, and men who accused pastors of sleeping with their wives were not prayed for.



He said :

”Turn up the sermon’s volume! We did not pray for some pastors who failed to perform in various congregations; instead, we removed them from their posts.”


”We didn’t pray for several ladies who claimed that several pastors had raped them; instead, we sanctioned those pastors.”

”When a man states that one pastor has him, wife, the pastor does not pray for him; instead, he prays every day for Nigeria and her leaders. Please fight for Nigeria instead!” he wrote.


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