Sexual Problems Highly Religious People Face


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Have you ever met someone who is incredibly religious that he or she intentionally makes you feel less of a human being for being who you are?

Well, religion aside, some of these people who are staunch Christians have their own problems that are not often talked about.

These issues involve their s-xual lives.

Having been brought up to see s-x as a sin outside marriage, they buried their noses in Holy Books and listened to every cautionary tale out there about why you should wait until marriage to have s-x.

As one writer at a local daily put it, these people suffer from religious guilt once they achieve statuses that allow them to enjoy s-x within the parameters that God intended it for- marriage.

Here are some of the problems some of they face:

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1. High Anxiety Levels

The thought of getting naked in front of a spouse who is not as religious is cause for being overwhelmed. Getting into bed together is another battle to be fought. These people are not comfortable with their bodies and delay penetration. Most of them end up putting s-xual intimacy on the back burner or it is highly affected if they keep trying.

2. Slow To Embrace S-x

They feel ashamed to embrace s-x as well as harbor the feelings of being inadequate for their partner’s needs. This is because they have been brought up in a conservative environment having been taught to shun ‘worldly’ behaviors. Their inability to let go of their s-xual purity even in marriage is cause for problems with a spouse who is not accommodating of their pace.

3. Self-esteem Issues

They feel that their bodies are inadequate because they are not like everyone else who embrace and enjoy s-x readily. Their mentality is weak and often cling on to their spouses for re-affirmation of their self-worth and as lovers.

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