She could have died at 4, but kind people saved her and look what she is up to now!


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How time flies! It is interesting to see people who went through challenges get over that phase. They seem to bubble with life and have a different perspective about things.

Only those who have been beaten by life can understand what it means to struggle and be successful at the end of the day. They are people who got lucky enough to kick at life because they got a second chance somewhere somehow.

Do we need to remind you that some people die while going through some dark phase in life? Some willingly give up because they think it is over. Some are willing to fight and overcome in as much as they get the necessary support from friends and family.

The Kanu heart foundation has given many people a second chance; he has been able to assist people who have issues with their hearts. This post is about a 4-year-old girl who benefited from the foundation fifteen years ago.

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In this part of the world, you know how ailments that have to do with the heart are being viewed; most people think they will not be able to make it if they are not wealthy. But this little girl was fortunate enough to pull through when the surgery was done.

The footballer’s foundation footed the bills and helped this young girl come back to life. See the pictures of the little girl who was helped then:

1. When she was 4 years old

Kanu heart foundation gave this 19-year-old girl life

2. She is now 19

We are proud of the footballer. He made this revelation himself; this kind of throw back is what we want to see when successes are being mentioned. Kudos to Kanu heart foundation.

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