33yr old woman destroys an us – Please ladies and gentlemen, refrain from an al se x. The health implications are dire. I am a nurse and I work in a priv ate hospital around Kubwa. We see different cases but some situations are simple way beyond sanity.

How can a lady of 33, that is drop dead gorgeous allow herself to be messed up for a few thousands of naira. You need to have se x yet you want to get married a virg in so she resorts to offering her numerous boyfriends her an us instead of her v gina. Now, she is living in agony; wearing adult diapers which ordinarily is produced for the aged and sick with rectal inconsistencies. 

This beautiful girl confessed that she sustained her injuries from continual anal se x because according to her, she wanted to get married a vir gin. As it stands, her anal sphincter and muscles has been damaged. To this effect, she cannot feel rectal fullness, thus cannot regulate bowel movement. I shudder at the men when even stick their joysticks into the anus instead of the right place.. How do they deal with poo and all the smell that may emanate from there. Its really incredible. 

Se x is good for adults that love and respect themselves and God the grand creator, made the right holes to match their various functions in the human anatomy. When you preserve your vag in a yet entertain various sizes of joy stick in your anus, YOU ARE NO VIR GIN. I have heard of vir gins who still caress the fe malecore and have orgasms but this an al ish is way beyond sick. The worrying part is that its more common than we think, a large portion of grownup virg ins engage in a nal se x. why the deceit? why sentence yourself to a life time of wearing pampers. 


This is a sad development that must be arrested before it becomes an epidemic. 

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