Shocking! What my boyfriend does to me during S ex


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Nawa oh! Wetin we no go hear?

A young lady has cried out as to how her boyfriend behave during s ex. In a mail sent to to relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, the young woman revealed that her boyfriend gets violent whenever he cums during s ex. He strangles her and stops only when he is back to normal. Read the mail as sent in:

”Hi Joro, love your work…

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”Please I need help for my boyfriend. He loves me. I know he loves me truly. I love him too. But when we’re having s x something scary happens. When he’s about to cum he gets violent and starts trying to strangle me and after he cums he stops and start apologizing. He says he can’t control it. Even when he masturbates he said he feels like beating someone. Before I used to like it beacuse it was kind of kinky and all. But 2 months ago, he did it and I passed out. I was on medical drip for a day. He is helpless. I love him Joro. I’m light skinned so I have several scars and stretch marks on my neck now. Please can you help us? Can you meet with us? I love him and I am going to stand by him. You can also share. Please advise us.”


What will you advise her to do?


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