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Sister-in-law exposes music producer who alleged his three children are not biologically his own – FashionStyleng

• This lady, identified as the sister to Champagnebeatz’s wife has disclosed that her brother in-law is only trying to run away from his family’s responsibilities, after he accused his wife, Yemi of blocking his progress, which led to their separation in January.

Maryanne Olabisi Adebowale, the sister to music producer, Champagnebeatz’s wife, Yemi Adebowale has come out to call out her brother-in-law, after he claimed that the three children he had with Yemi aren’t biologically his.


Miss Maryanne, who stated this via her Instagram page narrated how the issue between her sister and the husband started, and according to her, it all began when the music producer accused the wife of blocking his progress.

Besides, Champagnebeatz and his wife, Yemi Adebowale started dating while in the University since 2008 or 2009 and within those years, they’ve had couple issues, which are common in marriages.


Now, alleging that his three children aren’t his biological children, Maryanne opened up that her brother-in-law is lying, because the DNA test he claimed he conducted was false.

Maryanne stated that the family has given Champagnebeatz the go ahead to conduct a DNA test but he has refused, and now coming back with the falsifiable claim that the children aren’t his, even when all the kids resemble him.


She further revealed that Champagnebeatz was only trying to dodge his responsibility as a man, since his wife, Yemi ran out of the house in January, because of the threats from the husband, following their issues together.

Maryanne posted this via her Instagram page, hours after her brother-in-law, Champagnebeatz made the allegation in his own post.


Maryanne’s post read, “Saw a post trending on her man’s page @champagnebeatz. My Sister and her man has been dating while in university since 2008 or 2009, they have couples issues which are normal and she gave birth to 3kids for him and the kids are his carbon copy.

“Unexpectedly he started accusing my sister of infidelity and my sister is the type that doesn’t step out of the house except going to the market or picking the kids from school cuz she wasn’t working then and her man was also a music producer who has his studio in their house so they were constantly and always together.


“Now he’s claiming that the 3 kids werent his children and we told him to conduct a test and he said he’s not ready for the test and that he believes in what he knows inside me, this kids in question especially his 2nd born is he’s exact copy.

“Before the kids issue he stated that my sister blocked him from soaring higher after all this while they’ve been together and things were OK then suddenly things became.


“That my sister is behind his predicament without evidence. He threatened my sister and my mum and my sister eventually left the house for him immediately after new year cuz she was scared for her life and none of them communicated again.

“Well today I saw him posted on his Instagram story saying that if anything should happen to him, that my sister should be held responsible, he even stated that he conducted a DNA he has refused to conduct a DNA test. He should come out with evidence stating that those kids aren’t his.


“He’s trying to dodge his responsibilities and he should come out with proper and adequate evidence and not just mere talks, those kids are now been subjected to emotional trauma, they are too young for this.”

Recall that on Tuesday, March 8, reports made the rounds on internet, which had one Mr Prof Pizzle, a Nigerian music producer, identified on Instagram as Champagnebeatz, claiming that his three children don’t biologically below to him.

He made it clear that he discovered that his wife has been cheating on him since they were in relationship, adding that now everything about his wife has been exposed, if anything happens to him, his wife should be held responsible.



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