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Owambe gele

The Owambe season has been on for a few months and now that we are fully into the ‘ember’ months, the Owambe Season 2.0 has landed.

With this comes the importance to slay and slay hard. And not just the attire and accessories, but also the Gele/head gear as some would call it.

This is Nigeria and if you’d love to slay hard at a party, your Owambe gele better be on point. So . are some tips to ensure that your gele glam is on fleek.

1. The Colour Must Match
Owambe gele

(Photo: David Martins)

Guys, guys! It’s so painful when we see the perfect attire and the perfect accessories matched with an off colour gele. It’s really sad and this can rain on your slay. If you have been to a Nigerian event, you would know that colour is simply everything. Choose a colour that would blend well with both your attire and accessories. Hun, you don’t need to look like Christmas lights to slay.

2. Shape Is Key
Owambe gele

(Photo: Instagram/tboygele)

One way to ensure that your Owambe gele slays is to ensure it is beautifully shaped. T. are different shapes of gele. T.’s the Double fan, V shaped, round shaped, bridal, bow gele, multi pleats etc. Choosing the right shape is determined by several factors and the most important one is the shape of your head/face. Imagine an esteemed member of the forehead gang wearing the V shaped gele (eek!)

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3. Lay Them Edges
Owambe gele

(Photo: Anita Brows)

You simply can’t slay your gele with your edges all frizzy and untamed.  T. are styles that would cover your entire head while some styles will require your gele to be pulled back to reveal beautiful, sleek edges. If that is the style you are going for, please, don’t embarrass us. Use an old toothbrush to apply a little gel or edge control to tame the edges. This will give you a well put together look and have you slaying that Owambe gele like a princess.

4. Accessorize
Owambe gele

(Photo: Instagram/Ronke Raji)

Wearing accessories while adorning a gele is important. The makeup is simply not enough. The accessories, especially earrings and necklaces help to complete the look. As a wedding guest, remember not to go overboard so as not to outshine the bride. Depending on the colour of your gele and intensity of your makeup, it might be best to stick with simple but classy accessories. They simply add to the beauty and ultimately help in the slaying process.

5. Size
Owambe gele

(Photo: Youtube via Ronke Raji)

T. is beauty in moderation and class in simplicity. The medium sized gele styles are the best to rock. In our opinion, the larger sizes are mostly worn by the elders or even the celebrant. And frankly, if you really intend to slay, wearing a big gele would hamper your slay. No one likes a girl with a canopy on her head!

Following these tips would definitely help you slay your gele at that Owambe you’ve been excited about for weeks now. The last few months of this year must meet you slaying every Owambe you attend. Make us proud!


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