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Small Girl Died In Hot Car While Her Mother Was Watching Netflix With Boyfriend (SEE HER PUNISHMENT) » FashionStyle FS News

In Australia, a court has issued a seven-year prison sentence to a 39-year-old woman after her toddler passed away due to being left unattended in a hot car for five hours.

Laura Rose Peverill was found guilty in relation to the tragic demise of her three-year-old daughter in November 2020.

As reported by ABC, Rylee Rose Black was left alone in the back seat of a securely locked car for over five hours during the middle of the day, with temperatures soaring to 51.5 degrees Celsius (124.7 degrees Fahrenheit).


The toddler was found unresponsive inside the back of a Toyota Prado and deemed “not survivable,” prosecutors said.

Prosecutor David Nardone said the temperatures would have caused “suffering up to the point of coma, and then death,” reported.


Peverill admitted in April 2023 that she was watching Netflix with her boyfriend at the time of the incident. She had allegedly parked the car in a shadeless driveway and removed the groceries, but not Rylee.

According to court documents, it wasn’t until Peverill went to pick up her other children from school that she discovered Rylee covered in vomit and slumped in her seat. Rylee was rushed to the hospital but died of heat stroke or thermoregulatory failure, with a body temperature of 41 degrees Celsius (105.8 degrees Fahrenheit), officials said.


At the hospital, police officials and nurses allegedly told family members Rylee was in “no state to be seen,” the Townsville Bulletin reported.

Peverill’s defense attorney, Victoria Trafford-Walker, said Peverill had suffered from mental health and alcohol issues for several years. Despite her omission of care, she had “no intention to harm Rylee in any way.”


She also told the court that Peverill received more than 200 abusive messages, including death threats, from strangers online after the incident.

Peverill pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the Queensland Supreme Court in Townsville in April. Her boyfriend at the time, Aaron Danyel Hill, was also charged with manslaughter, 7 News reported.


She was sentenced to seven years in jail on Friday, Oct. 6 but will be eligible for parole on July 3, 2025.

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