Spanking 101: Tips & Tricks You Need to Implement


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Spanking is fun and exciting. If you’re a man reading this, firstly you need to make sure she is into some ass-slapping, or she may run the other way!

Now, if she does like this idea, you can have a lot of fun and make her wet with excitement. Are you new to the concept of slapping her ass or want a few tips to help you along the way? Read on to learn what you should and shouldn’t do! 

8 Spanking Tips and Tricks

1. Apply Role Play: Dominant vs. Submissive

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Role play can bring spanking to a whole new level. There are two ways to this that are most common: dominant and submissive. When you’re the one who is in charge, she will often be the one afraid or trying to act like she doesn’t like it.

Spanking 101: Tips & Tricks You Need to Implement
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You need to establish a deep relationship with a dominant role. Do not try this before discussing it. She’s been a bad girl and you are showing her just how bad she has been and “punishing” her for that behavior.

The submissive role is often played by the woman asking to be spanked. She likes it and she wants you to do it. Discuss which one of these you like the best with your partner and see what she thinks.

Keep in mind: This can be a lot of fun if you’re into role play and want to get your imagination going at full speed with naughty thoughts.

2. Let Her Know What She Is Going to Get & Set a Safe Word

Spanking 101: Tips & Tricks You Need to Implement
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Going back to our first tip. Set a safe word that she will say when she wants you to end. This can be any word, but you must pay attention to it.

If you’re going to play the dominant role, a safe word would be used when she truly has had enough. Otherwise, she can act like she desire you to stop for as long as she wants until that pre-agreed word is said.

Pay attention: Before you go into spanking mode, establish that you will either be dominant or she will be submissive. Some couples even like to play rough and essentially force their partner (mutually agreed upon first).

3. Warm That Butt up & Gradually Increase Intensity of Your Swats

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Slapping her butt too hard will sting badly at first. You don’t want her to feel immense pain too fast and put an end to your fun. Right? Instead of being too eager and spanking away, you want to take it slow at the beginning.

Spanking 101: Tips & Tricks You Need to Implement
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The goal is to slowly and lightly swat her. This is done so that a slight stinging sensation is felt. After a few slaps, you can increase your strength gradually. This will allow her cheeks to get used to the spank and act as a safeguard.

Oftentimes, men get out of control and do not know their own strength. Gradually increasing the force behind each subsequent slap will allow you to understand the amount of force you’re putting behind it and give her opportunity to tell you whether you are punishing her too hard or not.

Keep in mind: By warming her butt up before applying strong swats, you’ll also find that it will be more pleasurable for her and it will allow you to have prolonged fun as a result.

4. Take Your Time Between Each Spank to Build Anticipation

Spanking 101: Tips & Tricks You Need to Implement
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Slapping her ass in succession can cause pain and discomfort. Furthermore, it can be boring and really make the experience dull. Instead, you want to do this with different durations between each swat.

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Let’s look at an example:

  1. 2 or 3 spanks in a row.
  2. Kiss her back, massage her lady parts.
  3. Then slap her ass again.

Keep in mind: You don’t want this to be the only enjoyable thing that you’re doing to her. Although it can be very erotic and fun, when you add in kissing her back, rubbing her lady parts or talking dirty, it will bring this whole experience to a new level.

5. Use Various Hand Techniques for Spanking

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Spanking 101: Tips & Tricks You Need to Implement
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Spanking is an art. In fact, the position of your hand and the way you hold it can make a big difference. You want to slap her good, but you also want to change up your techniques to make it a little more fun.

  1. Slightly cupped palm with fingers together – This is a great way to increase the noise produced during a spank without actually increasing the level of caused pain. Slightly cup your palm with your fingers together. Now, the cup will allow for further noise to be produced and will also absorb some of the slap in the process.
  2. Flat palm with relaxed fingers – A flat palm with relaxed fingers makes more of a slapping noise, and it also adds to the pain level of a swat. This is where the real stinging sensation will be felt. Simply keep your hand relaxed and your palm flat.

Alternating between these techniques is fun. Starting with first and moving into the second works great if you’re trying to build up anticipation or warm up her butt gradually.

6. Give Her Mixed Sensations – Alternate Between Swats, Gentle Caresses & Rubbing

Spanking 101: Tips & Tricks You Need to Implement
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Making this whole experience exciting is essential. You want her to have fun and mixed sensations. This is a a good way to give her rear a break from the stinging pain she may be experiencing.

A few great ways to do this is by:

  • Swats or Slaps – This is the normal spank we’re used to. Using the methods discussed, you can alternate various different techniques to add to the fun.
  • Caresses – Grab her rear and caress it. Softly grabbing it is great for fun and harder caresses can even get her into naughty mood.
  • Rubbing – From behind, you’ll be able to rub her butt and vagina. Make this a good way to cool-down or use it as a way to turn her on really hard!

Keep in mind: Always alternate between various sensations in order to make your game more unpredictable and exciting for her.


7. Use Kinky Items for More Fun

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A) Professional Tools

Spanking 101: Tips & Tricks You Need to Implement
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Now, if you’re really into spanking and want to get serious, you can do so with a few professional items. A few things that will help you get started are:

If you’re into dominatrix, you can also add in leather outfits, ball gags or handcuffs to make the night even more exciting (just check out this article – 4 Vital Tools for Every Dominatrix).

You can even buy these discreetly online and never have to show your face in actual store and let out your little secret.

B) Common Household Items

Want to add even more fun into the mix? You can use a few household items so that you can start having awesome time immediately. A few things that every person has are:

  • Belts – Meant for those who love it a little more hardcore.
  • Towels – A wet towel will hurt, but it’s great for spanking.
  • Ruler – Be careful. These hurt a lot!
  • Spoons – Long wooden spoons or spatulas work great for slapping her ass.
  • Brushes – Hair brushes with long wooden ends are really fun.

Keep in mind: When using a household item, ensure that the edges aren’t sharp and that injury will not occur as a result.

8. Mix It up with Dirty Talk

Finally, the last tip is to add a bit of kinky talk into the mix. You’re “punishing” her for a reason – to be erotic.

She’s been bad, so dirty whispering into her ear is definitely a great way to add extra stimulation for her. If she’s being submissive, you can also throw in “you like it rough” or “is that what you want?”

By the way: If you are not sure how to talk dirty to her without ruining the mood, then I highly recommend you to check out this article – The Advanced Guide to Talking Dirty.

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