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Every little girl dreams of her wedding day even before she knows what a wedding day or marriage for that matter, really entails. This makes me marvel at the vast impact of a marital union. Or could it be that little girls are simply interested in seeing themselves in a stunning bridal gown?

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Whatever the case, even by 2019 standards, we can’t deny the significance of marriage and the wedding day in global culture. For ages, the bridal gown has taken the top spot as the most significant piece of a wedding; which explains why bridal gown shopping is still such a big deal for every bride-to-be!

In the world of bridal gowns, the energy has always been focused on voluminous ball gowns, mermaid dresses with lower volume and trumpet styled gowns among other popular designs. However, these days, t.’s a little show of defiance as many brides are opting for non-traditional, uncommon silhouettes that reflect their uniqueness.

The most recent collection by top designers like Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang reflect these changes as the fashion houses are making efforts to satisfy brides who are looking for something different and unexpected.

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To inspire your bridal gown search, we have curated five contemporary bridal gown designs with special touches to make any bride feel like she’s truly one of a kind.


Here are 5 bridal gown inspiration for the standout bride…




The Milano Collection by Berta

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