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Once you’ve said “yes!” to the dress, then it’s time to be excited about something else on your list; bridal hair accessories! And when it comes to bridal headpieces, t. are lots of options to choose from. Should you decide that a hair accesory is necessary, we want you to go unconventional with it.

Every single piece of bridal accessory is important and finding the perfect one requires a bit of research, but none could be more important than your hair accessory; after all, it’s the first thing people will see once you make your glorious appearance.

T. are so many types of bridal hair accessories to choose from. T.’s the boho-chic flower crown made from fresh flowers for the bride who’s a hopeless romantic at heart; and if you are afraid of it withering, then you can go for one made with faux flowers. Then t. are the more glamorous hair accessories made from a combination of organza, crystal, rhinestone, opal bead, pearl and porcelain, which are the types we are focusing on ..

Whether you decide to go with hair pins, a tiara, clip, or headband depends on which of these unique bridal hair pieces complement your veil and/or wedding dress the most. It’s important that you try on your hair accessory with both before deciding on what works best.

For a while we’ve seen the same bridal looks over and over: tiaras that look so much alike, bridal hair pins with the same structure – basically, nothing really exciting and wow! I recently came across some of the most stunning hair accessories I’ve laid my eyes on in a while. These designs are all by The Purple Lady, a lagos-based bridal and occasion wear brand. They are unconventional and pretty much a dream come true for the 2019 bride who wants to look super glamorous on her big day.

Check out the bridal hair accessories we’re in love with right now…

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The most traditional bridal hair accessories are fun and classic but the ones in this lookbook are what you need, they are gorgeous and unique and that’s what a fabulous bride to be like you need.

Photo Credit: IG | PurpleLagos

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