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Are you a bride to be? Are you stuck on an idea? Then get your Pinterest vision board ready because we’re . to share a few ideas that might just turn things around for you. Wedding planning can turn sane brides into bridezillas and why we can’t blame them some of the things they put themselves through can be avoided; the stress of finding the right pair of wedding shoes included.

T. are so many pro tips on how to choose the right pair of wedding shoes but these are the key ones:

1. Get your shoes only after selecting your dress.

2. Try on different pairs before selecting the best.

3. You have to be super comfortable in your choice, so walk around in them for a while before saying yes to the shoes.

Based on these tips and other factors, we have curated what we consider to be a fun guide on choosing the right shoe for your overall wedding look. Your wedding shoes are just as special as your dress. However, it is also something you would most likely want to wear again. So as much as you want to wear that super sparkly shoe you pinned when you first got engaged, that might not be the right pair for you – if you’re thinking repeated use.

wedding shoes

wedding shoes

T.’s also the case of not tripping on them. For example, this Jimmy Choo is such a beauty but none of the wedding dresses on this list is a perfect fit for it and if you take a close look you will see why. For one, the studs at the front of the shoe could make any of the brides below trip.

We could go on about how you should make the right shoe choice but the essence of this post is to share with you practical and fun ways to personalize your wedding shoe choices so let’s get more practical.

Here are 4 uniquely gorgeous wedding gowns with our ideal fun pair of wedding shoes…

The SR Wedding Dress + Shoe Guide

Dress 1

wedding shoeswedding shoes

Shoes – Option 1

wedding shoes

wedding shoes

Shoes – Option 2

Reason For Pairing | This bridal gown is fun and simple, its puffy sleeves are the main attraction. In other words, it needs something more and these shoes are just right to add that extra oomph to the dress.

Dress 2


Shoes – Option 1

Shoes – Option 2

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Reason For Pairing | Clearly with a dress like this you need balance. These shoes provide the right balance and you can choose between them or switch them up between the ceremony and the reception.

Dress 3


Shoes – Option 1

Shoes – Option 2

Reason For Pairing |It would be an error if a splendid dress like this was paired with an ordinary pair of shoe. These choices add an element that furthers the whimsical flow of the dress.

Dress 4


Shoes – Option 1

Shoes – Option 2

Reason for pairing |The dress above has a lot of swirls that give it definition and sophistication. This means that the shoe choice should be simple yet match the dress’ elegance.

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